Celina Military Shelters

Quality. Strength. Durability. Enhanced Engineering. Experience.

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Celina’s structures are created to provide levels of protection from the elements, with optional extras to provide comfort during use. 

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Small Shelter


Basic shelters with roof arches for maximum structural support

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Medium Shelter


Hinged arches create larger shelter footprints for general work spaces

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Large Area Maintenance Shelter (LAMS)

Perfect for large storage, maintenance, and workplace zones

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Humanitarian Shelter


Rapid-response structures for immediate use after emergency situations

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Design precision.

Thanks to our fluid engineering principles, all base designs can be upgraded and customized to fit the exact needs our customers.


Core Company Intent

Dedicated to change.

Celina Military Shelters is the result of many years' of fabric shelter fabrication and development. We've harnessed all of our experience in the fabric shelter field to design some of the most advanced shelters to aid in military expeditions.

Innovation plays a key role in how Celina stays are the forefront of shelter design. Our basic shelters can be adjusted at the engineering level to ensure that the best fit is made for the shelter's end use.

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