Our Mission

Combining experience and new technology to continually move forward


Celina Tent, Inc. is a fabric shelter and product manufacturer located in rural Ohio. In addition to the variety of military-grade shelters that Celina has produced, we also create products for both industrial and commercial enterprises.

With our range of fabric welding machinery, we do a vast amount of work creating basic items such as tarps and curtains to full-fledged self contained storage containers and specialty canopies. Various departments within production are dedicated to specialty items including reinforced and lay-flat ducting, insulation quilting, multi-panel fabric welding and more.

Commercially Celina produces a wide range of event canopies, in roughly twenty different styles with the added option of customized printed vinyl canopies.

Our versatile fabrication methods allow Celina to stay at the forefront of the vinyl fabric production industry, supporting our ongoing endeavor to push fabric design into the future.