Ongoing Development

Protecting our soldiers; today, tomorrow and beyond.


Diversified Designs

Our engineering capabilities allow us to design new shelters at a rapid pace. We use this ability to make shelters that provide a direct benefit to the areas where our customers need it most.

  • Rapidly engineer new shelters to the specific needs of our customers
  • Create design changes on exiting shelters
  • Updating shelter designs in real time from customer feedback

Any base shelter design can be changed and improved to fit the exact use that you have in mind. Our engineering department is located in-house at our main production campus to allow for the fastest turn around of improved and individualized shelters.


System Integration and Complexing

Shelter design allows all structures to be used in conjunction with existing housing and storage units. Connection methods let our shelters complex with installed units to form completely enclosed work areas, base camps and medical centers to provide the maximum amount of usability and to protect personnel.

Celina Military Shelters are equipped to connect via common shelter-complex methods including standard vestibules and boot wall accessories.

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